Lange termijn effecten: wat zeggen de gebruikers?

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“It’s too early to tell however if it’s the moda or decreased sleep I’ve been getting. My body may not be feeling tired, but it appears that effects of sleep deprivation is hitting me. My computer screen seems to shift ever so slightly as I focus on it (I’m talking about the lowest order of hallucination, almost imperceptible and hardly worth talking about not at all interesting). Increased hostility (just very slight). And the emergence of paranoia and anxiety (slight and just noticeable).”

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Andrew de Andrade:

“The biggest problem I had with Modafinil was loss of self control over when I actually should be sleeping. It makes it way too easy to stay awake well past your natural bedtime and overtime this lack of sleep accumulates if you do this regularly. You are very likely to disrupt your natural sleep rhythm if you are not disciplined about how you use it. ”

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